Welcome to Soho Standardbreds


Our numbers have progressively increased and we need to reduce our racing and breeding stock. Please see the details below for our upcoming sale. We encourage you to preview the presented list of horses as there is something for everyone.


Soho Standardbreds Reduction Sale

Date : 26th July, 2015 

Time :  12.00 noon

Venue : Tamarin Park Stud

Address : 2172 Diggers Rest - Coimadai Rd Toolern Vale VIC


Weanlings                            Dam                              Sire

Bay Filly 30/09/14          Spice On Ice                Sportswriter

Bay Filly 5/11/14            Soho Champagne        Somebeachsomewhere

Bay Filly 15/11/14          Soho Bordeaux            Auckland Reactor     

Brown Filly 6/12/14        Lombo Silhouette        Bettor’s Delight

Bay Colt 1/09/14            Hear No Secret           Mach Three

Brown Colt 30/10/14       Sheng Li                    Sportswriter

Bay Colt 5/11/14            Soho Winslet               Somebeachsomewhere

Bay Colt 16/12/14           Miss Galvinator           Mach Three

Bay Colt 18/12/14           Pelicanrama                 Somebeachsomewhere

Brown Colt 19/12/14       Soho Nike                   Roll With Joe

Bay Colt 26/12/14           Cornsilk                      Rock N Roll Heaven



Bay Filly 16/11/13                  Perfect Reason            Elsu (unbroken)


2 Year Olds and Race Horses

Soho Macbeth                         Birthright                    Mach Three

Soho Manhattan                      All Eyes On Me           Rocknroll Hanover

Soho Gunsnroses                    Bendall Rose               Rocknroll Hanover

Soho Berlin                           Giveusachance            Somebeachsomewhere

Soho Valencia                          Benelise                      Art Major (Sire Only)


Mares                                    Stallion                 Last Date Of Service

Country Change                      Art Major                     5/11/14

Jupiters Darling                       Alta Christiano             3/12/14

Soho Monroe                           Shadow Play                24/11/14

Generally Outspoken                Not in Foal

Lombo Portrait                         Mach Three                 24/09/14

Soho Cannes                            Rock N Roll Heaven     1/10/14

Spice On Ice                            Sportswriter                24/12/14

Sheng Li                                  Not in Foal

Soho Champagne                     Bettor’s Delight            1/12/14

Pelicanrama                             Not in Foal

Dream Allulike                          Roll With Joe                22/09/14

Soho Nike                                Not in Foal

Lombo Silhouette                     Not in Foal

Cornsilk                                   Not in Foal

Soho Bordeaux                         Auckland Reactor          11/12/14

Soho Joplin                              Sportswriter                  1/10/14

Soho Socialize                          Not in Foal

Edith Piaf                                 Not in Foal

Magnifico Denario                     Not in Foal